Door County Coffee & Tea Co. in Carlsville

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Door County Coffee in the heart of Carlsville features breakfast and lunch both in their cafe as well as a drive up window. They roast the finest, freshest gourmet coffee you can find! Their signature coffee is roasted right here, in fact, if you look through the bay window (on weekdays) you may see the roast-masters creating their magic!

Would you like to learn more about a Door County Country Tea Party? Be sure to ask your server for details!

Love our coffee? We offer over 80 different varieties in our coffee section!

Want to enjoy Door County Coffee all year long? We ship anywhere and Door County Coffee makes a great gift for family, friends or business associates!

Door County Coffee Breakfast Menu

Served 7:30am – 11:00am Ask about our Children’s menu. (Available to 12 & under)

Baked Egg Dishes

Open faced Baked Egg Dishes (recipes from a local church cookbook!) Served with fresh fruit garnish & on your choice of…*Fresh baked Bread ~ Whole Wheat or White *Bagel – Whole Wheat or Plain *Buttery Croissant *Thick-Sliced Toast with Chopped Cherry Jam or Cherry Butter *Wrapped in a Whole Wheat Tortilla

  • Baked Egg & Cheese $5.95
  • Baked Egg w/Cheese & Bacon $6.95
  • Baked Egg w/Cheese & Sausage $6.95
  • Baked Egg w/Cheese & Veggies $6.50 – Peppers, mushrooms & onion
  • Baked Egg Denver Style $6.95 – Ham, peppers, onion & cheddar cheese
  • Baked Egg Mexican Style $6.95 – Egg bake topped with tomatoes, onions, black beans peppers, corn and cheese, with a side of sour cream

*All of the above can be Breakfast Sandwiches or can be “finished off” on our Panini grill for a crisp and tasty sandwich. Panini’s Only $1.00 more

  • Belgian Waffle

*Served hot with real Door County Maple or Cherry Syrup (Syrups made locally!) $4.95
*With Door County Cherries, piled high with Real Whipped Cream (Watch for pits please!) $6.95

  • Quiche of the Day– Ask your server for the quiche choice of the day! Served with fresh fruit garnish and Jumbo muffin $7.50
  • Strata of the Day– Ask your server for the Strata choice of the day! Served with thick-sliced toast and Bea’s Chopped Cherry Jam and fresh fruit garnish. $7.95
  • Baked Amish Oatmeal – Door County Style– Our oatmeal is fresh baked with Door County Dried Cherries and fresh Apples! Served with warm milk and brown sugar. $5.95
  • Door County Granola ~ Yogurt Parfait– An assortment of fresh-seasonal fruit, layered with yogurt & Country View Farm (local producer) granola! $5.95
  • Hash brown Bake– Hash browns baked with savory seasonings Cheddar cheese and onions and finished with a crunchy topping. Add it to your breakfast or have it as a meal! $3.50
  • Marcia’s Cherry Bread Pudding– An old-fashioned “comfort dessert” created by Marcia using Door County Cherries, served with lemon or cherry sauce. $3.50


  • Freshly-Roasted Door County Coffee
  • ~Endless Cup $1.25
  • ~Pot of tea $1.75
  • ~Espresso $1.50
  • ~Milk $1.25
  • ~Cappuccino $2.25
  • ~Chai Tea $2.50
  • ~Latte $2.50
  • ~Juice $1.50 Apple, Cherry or Orange
  • ~Mocha $3.00
  • ~Hot Cocoa $1.50
  • ~Breakfast Smoothie $3.95 ~Boosta-Shot .50¢

Many flavors to choose from!

Side Dishes

  • Bacon (from Bley’s in Jacksonport) $2.50
  • Sausage Links (Marchant’s Meats) $2.50
  • Toast & Bea’s Chopped Cherry Jam $1.75
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit $3.00
  • Bagel with Cream Cheese $1.50
  • Vanilla Yogurt $1.50
  • Fresh baked pastries, muffins, scones and lighter fare options are always available!

Door County Roastery & Café Fall Menu


  • Homemade Soup of the Day– We always offer at least 2, sometimes 3 soups to make your choice even more difficult! Served with fresh baked bread & fruit garnish. One Bowl $4.50
  • Door County Coffee & Tea Chili– Our secret blend of ground chuck, herbs & spices make our Chili the best in Door County! Our Chili is so special that we serve it several different ways…
  • As is – piping hot with fresh crusty bread & fruit garnish …………$5.50 Cheese & Onions add ………………….. .50¢
  • Pumpkin Soup (Available Sept & Oct)- Our version is sweet, creamy and rich like a hot pumpkin pie without the crust! Served with a dollop of whipping cream, bread and fruit garnish. Have it for lunch or dessert, but you must have it! …$5.50
  • Soup & Garden Salad Combo– Crisp greens & fresh vegetables served with a piping hot bowl of our soup. Served with fresh baked bread. $6.95 ~ With Chili … $7.95
  • Door County Cheese Sampler– An array of cheese made in Door County by the Renard Family. Served with fresh fruit, mixed nuts & fresh baked crusty bread & your choice of caramelized onion spread or hot cherry jam…… $7.95
  • Homemade Chicken Salad– All white meat with special herbs – makes ours the best in Door County! Served on a lettuce leaf with crusty bread and fresh fruit garnish $7.50

Add Soup or Salad to any Entrée $3.00 extra

Add Specialty Soups (Pumpkin or Chili) to any Entrée $4.00 extra

Fresh Salads- All salads served with fresh baked breads and fruit garnish.

Salad Dressings available… Balsamic Bleu Cheese w/Walnuts, Cherry Vinaigrette, Garlic & Olive Oil Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard, Peppercorn, Homemade Ranch, Sesame Ginger, Summer Tomato, Creamy Vidalia Onion Add crumbled Bleu Cheese +75 cents extra

  • Chicken with a Kick! Salad– A variety of fresh greens topped with fresh vegetables, spicy chicken strips & shredded cheddar cheese with ranch dressing on the side. We think you’ll get a kick out of it! Served with Fresh bread & fruit garnish….. $7.50
  • Garden Salad*- A variety of crisp greens with shredded carrots, red onion, green & red pepper slices, ripe tomato, cucumbers and topped with croutons. Served with crusty bread & fruit garnish. Your choice of dressings …..$5.50
  • Door County Cherry Salad– Our most requested salad with crisp greens, toasted walnuts, Door County Dried Cherries, with our fabulous Cherry Vinaigrette. Served with crusty bread & fruit garnish…$7.50
  • Oriental Chicken Salad *- Garden greens, Asian style chicken breast strips, Chow Mein noodles and veggies served with our sesame ginger dressing. 265 Calories 5 points $7.50
  • Wisconsin Smoked Salmon Salad– A variety of crisp greens with shredded carrots, red onion, green & red pepper slices, ripe tomato, cucumbers and topped with Smoked Salmon, lemon and dill. Served with crusty bread & fruit garnish and with Garlic & Olive Oil Vinaigrette… $7.95

Signature Sandwiches– Served on your choice of croissant, wheat or white bread or whole wheat wrap.

  • Lori’s Eat Smart Sandwich*- This offering features turkey breast, lettuce, tomato and a healthy sauce on Natural Ovens “Weight Sense” bread. Served with fruit garnish. 280 Calories 4 points $6.95 Served as a Panini $7.95
  • Rueben Sandwich– Try our version! Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese and 1,000 Island Dressing served between wonderful marbled Rye Bread $7.95
  • Rachel Sandwich– Same as the Rueben except this great sandwich contains Oven Roasted Turkey Breast instead of Corned Beef…$7.95
  • Ultimate Grilled Cheese– This is more than your average grilled cheese sandwich! Swiss Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, onions, tomato and bacon between your choice of whole wheat or white bread, grilled to perfection. $7.95
  • Ham & Cheese (or Turkey) Croissant– Served with your choice of Cheddar or Swiss Cheese. On your choice of croissant, wheat or white bread or whole wheat wrap. Served with marinated vegetable salad or chips… $7.50
  • Door County Club– Turkey, Ham, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Swiss Cheese & Garlic Mayo served with your choice of bread and choice of chips or marinated vegetable salad. $8.25
  • Pilgrim Sandwich– A hearty sandwich with roasted turkey breast, Wisconsin Wilderness Cranberry Chutney, Cheddar Cheese & lettuce. Served with marinated vegetable salad or chips… $7.50

Panini’s and Grilled Sandwiches – add 10 min. cook time and $1.00 extra charge

Signature Sandwiches Served with Soup or Salad- Add $3.00

Door County Wraps- Served on a Whole Wheat Tortilla Wrap with Tortilla chips or marinated vegetables

  • Veggie Wrap*- Lettuce, tomato, carrots, onion, cucumbers, peppers, shredded cheese, with Ranch spread… $6.75 5 points 210 calories Add Ham or Turkey……$7.50
  • Chicken With a Kick! Wrap– Special Greens, tomato, shredded cheese, spicy chicken, with Ranch spread. Served with tortilla chips or marinated vegetables…. $7.95
  • Asian Turkey Wrap– A special Teriyaki Sauce is added to lettuce, carrots, crunchy rice noodles, cheese & slices of turkey breast, wrapped in a healthy Whole Wheat tortilla… $7.95
  • Thai Chicken-Broccoli Wrap *- A whole-wheat tortilla with Thai peanut sauce, Asian style chicken breast strips and shredded broccoli makes this a satisfying choice. Served with fruit garnish. 382 Calories 6 points $7.95

Homemade Chicken Salad Croissant– All white meat chicken with special herbs makes ours the best in Door County! Served with your choice of tortilla chips or marinated vegetable salad… $7.95

Hashbrown Bake– Hashbrowns baked with savory seasonings Cheddar cheese and onions and finished with a crunchy topping. Add it to your lunch! $3.50

Quiche of The Day– Ask your server for the quiche of the day. Served with fresh fruit garnish and a jumbo muffin…$7.50

*Entrees shown above with asterisk can be a low-calorie/low point option


  • Homemade Cheesecake– Made right here with our freshest seasonal ingredients. Ask your server for today’s flavors. $3.75
  • Homemade Tortes & Cakes– Made right here! Our Jumbo cupcakes are a “miniature cake” made just for you! Several varieties plus our to-die-for Carrot cake! $3.50
  • Fresh Baked Pie– Choose from Cherry, Apple & other seasonal pies! $3.75 Ala Mode Add … 75¢
  • 3 Layer Brownie– Fudge brownie topped with cinnamon, infused cream cheese layer topped with a rich chocolate ganache. Magnifque! $3.00
  • Marcia’s Cherry Bread Pudding– An old-fashioned “comfort dessert” created by Marcia using Door County Cherries, served with lemon or cherry sauce. $4.50
  • Bourbon Pecan Pie– Loaded with pecans, rich & wonderful. Your choice of chilled or warmed. $3.75

Plus a huge selection in our Fresh bakery case of….Scones, Cookies, Danish, Donuts, Bars, Muffins & More!

Specialty Coffees

  • ~ Endless Cup …$1.25 Iced Coffee…$1.75 ~ Iced Tea..$1.75
  • Custom French Press …1 for $2.5 / 2 for $3.50 Mocha Smoothie..$4.50
  • Espresso*…$1.50 Fruit Smoothie..$3.50
  • Double Cappuccino…$3.00 Italian Soda..$2.25
  • Latte*…$2.50 Water (bottled)…$1.25
  • Mocha…$3.00 Juice…$1.50
  • Specialty Drink… $3.50 Cherry Juice… $1.75
  • Cocoa…$1.50 (topped with whipped cream) Milk…$1.50
  • Pot of Tea …$2.00/$2.25 Soda…$1.50
  • Chai …$2.50 Apple Cider Hot/Cold …$1.75

*Prices reflect single espresso without flavor

920-743-8930 ~ Toll Free 800-856-6613

Door County Coffee & Tea Co. 5773 Hwy 42 ~ P.O. Box 638 ~ Sturgeon Bay, WI. 54235

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