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English Inn Works with Master Sommelier to Create Wine and Food Pairing Program Available in House and Online

POSTED ON September 23rd  - POSTED IN Wines & Spirits

Ron Edwards, Master Sommelier links The English Inn’s wine list and menu to provide guests with expert recommendations on which flavors work well together.

Ron Edwards, Master Sommelier

Winemaking and the cuisine of any culture where wine is regularly served with meals, are closely related. As food historians will explain, pairing local wines with a region’s culinary specialties developed naturally, since both disciplines evolved side-by-side, over time. But nowadays, pairing wine with food has become challenging since we live in a global culture. Chefs and their clientele face a head-spinning selection of wines gathered from around the world, coupled with menus, recipes and cooking styles with an equal level of diversity.

The modern “art” of food and wine pairing is thus a relatively recent phenomenon, fostering an industry of books and media with guidelines for which particular foods go well with which wines. Upscale restaurant often feature knowledgeable sommeliers to provide guests with food pairing recommendations.

The main concept behind pairings is that certain elements (such as texture and flavor) in both food and wine react differently to each other and finding the right combination of these elements will make the entire dining experience more enjoyable. Randy and Lisa Daubner, owners of The English Inn, have invested years of study to expand their knowledge of winemaking and its relationship to restaurant cuisine. Each year they take staff on a 7-day tour of West Coast vineyards and winemaking facilities.

“We go to taste-testings, visit the vineyards to learn about the various grape varietals, see the processing from start to finish, including a study of the kinds of wood used to make the casks,” says Lisa. “Last year we were in California and this year we will travel to Washington State.”

It was at the International Restaurant Show in Las Vegas last March, that Randy and Lisa met master sommelier Ron Edwards and the creators of Buyers Vine, a wine selector system for customers looking for just the right wine.

“Different foods will make wines taste totally different in your mouth,” says Randy. “We were excited to discover a team of experts that would research our extensive wine list and all of our menu items to create a custom wine and food pairing program specifically tailored to The English Inn.”

English Inn’s custom computer wine pairing program

It took several months to complete the analysis and programming and in late summer, two touch-screen  terminals were installed in the English Inn’s cocktail lounge. Now before dinner, guests can not only browse the listing of almost 100 different wines in the bins, but they can also see which ones are recommended based on their menu choices.

“Buyers Vine provides expert information to wine customers, to help them make their selections,” says Louis Lamoureux, CEO of Buyers Vine. “Ron Edward’s in-depth knowledge and energy have contributed enormously to our success as he provides accurate and useful information for thousands of wines.”

The English Inn’s custom computer wine pairing program is continuously updated and the complete system is also included in the restaurant’s Web site at

The English Inn is one of Door County’s long-standing leaders in providing fine dining experiences and creative cuisine the year ‘round in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Visit them online at to see photos of the dining rooms, review their menu and wine list, now coupled with a new wine-pairing application that guides you in making informed selections before your arrival. For reservations or to ask questions regarding private parties and wedding receptions, please call 920.868.3076 or contact co-owner, Lisa Daubner via email at:

The English Inn Introduces Their Much-loved Bacon Dressings to the Consumer Market

POSTED ON August 3rd  - POSTED IN News

Hot Bacon and Cherry Hot Bacon Dressings are now “Made in Door County” in the certified canning kitchens of the English Inn and available at the restaurant or shipped to your door.

Hot Bacon and Cherry Hot Bacon Dressings made in Door County

“We have been serving our homemade Hot Bacon Dressing on our spinach salads since we opened in 2005,” says Lisa Daubner. “It was loved by so many people who wanted to take some home with them that we started sending it out with our guests in plastic containers.”

The continual requests coming from dining room patrons that wanted to give the dressing to friends as a gift or simply to take south with them for the winter convinced Randy and Lisa Daubner to start bottling it and putting a proper label on the outside.

Lisa says, “Randy has always made it himself. He started with a few different base recipes that he continually tweaked until he came up with our own English Inn recipe. Its’ one of the few recipes he does not give out.”

The bottling process started in the winter of 2008. Randy and Toni Stich went to the Algoma Certified Shared Kitchen to get The English Inn’s kitchen certified for commercial canning and bottling and to learn the process. They obtained all the licensing and permits required to begin bottling by spring of 2008.

Now you can buy16 oz. jars of dressing at The English Inn or you can call 920.868.3076 to place an order by phone. They ship anywhere in the United States through US Postal Service at whatever rate the post office charges to send to your location.

This year they added a second variety, Cherry Hot Bacon Dressing since everyone in Door County loves things made with cherries. A 16 oz. container of Hot Bacon Dressing costs $8.95 and the same size of Cherry Hot Bacon sells for $9.50.

Along with their own in-house favorite uses for the dressings like on spinach salad, some of the English Inn patrons have shared their favorite ways to use them, including as a basting sauce for chicken or ham, in German potato salad and as a dipping sauce for snacks.

If you want to learn more or place an order, please contact Lisa Daubner via email at: or phone 920.868.3076.

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