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Fall Has Come to Door County

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The Fall Season in Door County is a spectacular sight to behold. Whether it on a quiet country road with the sun setting over the tops of corn field or a tree line bursting with color as the sun light strikes it, every scene is like a painting. The leaves are beginning to show splatters of reds and oranges amid the greenery as we ease our way through September. Evenings are pleasantly cool while the early morning sometimes reveals a wispy fog in the fields. Geese vacationing on our beaches during the day fly overhead to the nearby cornfields at dusk. Make sure you check out A Leaf Watcher’s Guide to Door County for all the best places to see the fall color changes!

The last of the cherries have been picked and the apple harvest is just around the corner. Everything’s changing but the most apparent change is in the volume of people mid week. There are no more Monday morning traffic jams in downtown Sister Bay or a corps of waitresses in Al Johnson’s rushing to keep everyone’s coffee cups full. Imagine walking into your favorite restaurant and not having to wait for an hour to get fish fry.The fall migration has begun, not the migrating birds but rather that of people. Families have returned home. Summer kids and locals are now in school, leaving beaches deserted. The days are getting shorter and the nights more peaceful.

So many people find the summer beauty of Door County, but the year ’round residents know that the fall is one of the best seasons to enjoy this beautiful peninsula. There is a sense of tranquility that one can’t find in the summertime. Fall brings crisp nights sitting at the fireside with a cup of apple cider, a slice of homemade apple pie, hiking through a forest filled with trees in a blaze of color, or getting ready for the winter ahead.

Fall seems to be the time of many festivals. The Inside/Outside Sale in Fish Creek takes place September 22-25. October has Pumpkin Patch in Egg Harbor, Fall Fun Fest and Cider Pressing Party on Washington Island, Townline Art Fair in Ephraim, Fall Festival in Sister Bay and Jack O’Lantern Days in Fish Creek. For a full list of events, check out the Festival & Events Calendar.

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